What is Error 6026?

This is an error specific to the OpenVPN and Chameleon protocols. It occurs in the Windows and Mac VyprVPN apps if you have the port selection set to "Automatic" and a connection could not be established on any port the app tried. With the "Automatic" port setting enabled, the app will try to make a connection on several of the available ports, going from one to the next if a connection cannot be made. It will stop trying and fail with this error after several attempts.

You can try the following steps to resolve this error:

1. Select the "Manual" port option and set the port to one between the ranges shown for OpenVPN or Chameleon.

2. Temporarily disable any anti-virus and firewall programs you are running. Some of those programs can block access on certain ports.

3. Reboot your computer and refresh your local network. Then, try connecting again.

You can use this method to refresh your network (if you have access):

1. Unplug power cables from modem and router.
2. Wait 30 seconds, plug modem in.
3. Wait 30 seconds, plug router in.
4. Wait 30 seconds, network is now refreshed.

If you still see error 6026 when trying to connect, please contact support.


Last reviewed/updated June 2019

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